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1.1 Identification of Substance
Moulded concrete

1.2 Product Description
Roofing Slates

2. Composition
Sand and gravel aggregates, Portland cement, iron oxide colour.

3. Hazards Identification
Inhalation of dust (potentially released if product is drilled, sawn or crushed) over a long period of time could constitute a health hazard.

For further guidance see HSE Guidance Note EH40.

4. First Aid Measures
Inhalation - Remove to fresh air, give water to drink.
Skin contact - Wash with water. Prolonged contact may cause irritation.
Eye contact - Contact with eyes may cause irritation and eyes should be irrigated with plenty of water.
Ingestion - Remove to fresh air, give water to drink.

5. Fire Fighting Measures
None needed.

6. Accidental Release Measures
Personal precautions - In the event of dust release, avoid breathing in dust. Wear dust mask/respirator and goggles.
Environmental measures - No danger, but concrete products should be disposed of in accordance with local authority guidance.
Method of cleaning - If possible, avoid sweeping, which creates dust. Vacuum dust where practical.

7. Handling and Storage
Handling - The product should be handled to minimise the creation of airborne dust.
Always employ good lifting techniques when handling slates.
Storage - No restrictions.

8. Exposure controls/personal protection
Measures prevention - Use dust extraction if OES is exceeded.
Exposure control OES - 10 mg/m3 total dust
- 4 mg/m3 breathable dust
Respiratory protection - Dust masks/respirators
Hand protection - Gloves
Skin protection - Gloves and hand/barrier cream
Eye protection - Goggles when cutting or drilling.

9. Physical and Chemical Properties
Appearance - Concrete product
Other chemical properties - Not applicable.

10. Stability and Reactivity
Conditions and materials to avoid - Not applicable.

11. Toxicological information
Description of toxicological properties - Respirable dust from any fine powder could, if inhaled over a long period of time, constitute a health hazard.

12. Ecological Information
Possible effects )
Behaviour ) Not hazardous
Environmental fate )

13. Disposal Considerations
Handling of any residues/waste products - As an inert material, an approved solid waste disposal or landfill site may be used.

14. Transportation Information
Special carriage precautions - Normal safety precautions when moving delivery crates by forklift.

15. Regulatory Information
Not classified.
The following risk and safety phrases are recommended: S22 Do not breathe dust.

16. Other Information
Training Advice
Wear and use PPE.
Employ good manual handling techniques.

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Further information sources
Cardinal Cast Slates Ltd
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Tel & Fax: 01993 778557

Sources of key data used to compile data sheet
EH40 - Occupational Exposure Limits COSHH Regulations 1988, 1994 & 1999
PPE Regulations 1992 HSE Information Sheet No. 26 - Cement
Manual Handling Regulations 1992


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