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Guide Prices
including delivery to our usual delivery areas, for orders taken for 2022.

  • Roof tiles: £51 per square metre
  • Under 80m2: £65 small order charge
  • Ridge & Hip: £26.50 per linear metre
  • Colour matched roof vents (for lower down the roof only: £75 each
  • Bat access tiles (for use at the top of the roof): £70 each.

All prices exclude VAT. The price includes under-eaves and an allowance for cutting. The invoiced quantity will be the area of roof covered using final site dimensions, and therefore may be different from the estimate. Some additional slates are supplied to give a good selection. These must be stacked carefully in the appropriate crate for return to us.

These details do not constitute an offer. Please contact us for confirmation and availability.


Please contact us for a delivered price. This will be dependant on location, access, delivery method and delivery flexibility. Delivery can be made by:

  • Artic or wagon and drag with crane offload (220 to 240m2, 25 to 30 crates)
  • Six-wheeler with crane offload (110m2, 14 to 16 crates)
  • Six-wheeler with teleporter (110m2, 16 to 19 crates). This may incur an extra charge depending on time spent on site

Delivery is made in stackable steel cages (850-1300 kgs gross), which will be collected by us at the end of the job, together with the surplus slates. Damage to or loss of the crates is chargeable.

Lead time

Lead time in late spring or summer can be 20 weeks. Please order in good time!

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